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Sill-TerHar Motors - Customer Testimonials

"Enjoyed working with Angela, she did her job in a professional way and was a breath of fresh air (so to speak) to work with.  A real caring individual and the dealership should be happy to employ her and her professional attitude."

- Gary S.

"I recently bought a brand new car from Sill-TerHar and I absolutely love it.  Bobby, Beau & Dan were a huge help and I couldn't have asked for better service.  I am going to recommend them to my friends & family."

- Anonymous

"I had a great experience at this dealer.  No pressure from my salesman.  He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle.  Would definitely recommend this dealer to friends."

- Carol Z.

"Love the team - third car I have purchased at this location - I will be back (just not for awhile :-))"

- Megan B.

"My salesperson, Nate, was knowledgable, personable, helpful and easy going in that I felt no pressure.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to buy a car."

- Chippy C.

"Angela was a delight to work with.  She let us take the time to test drive the Escape and handled the financing arrangements almost invisible to us.  The dealership arranged for a trade with another dealership to provide us the right color and features of our Escape."

- Deborah S.

"We've been looking for the perfect car since May 2010; this would be the first brand new car that I would be purchasing. With a purchase timeframe in early 2011, we had plenty of time to visit many dealerships of many different manufactures and eventually found our way to Sill-TerHar Ford. As we visited the different dealerships we were greeted with the same air of doubt by each dealer ? because we are a younger couple, many dealers tried to down-sell us on the vehicle that we were trying to select because of the price. That became very frustrating, very quickly. I met Nate Millers in October 2010 and we had a conversation about the upcoming Ford Explorer. No one had much information about the vehicle at that time, but Nate promised me that he would get me any new information that he could. Over the next weeks, I dropped in your dealership a couple times to see if there was any new information, and each time I visited Nate greeted me by name. On one of my visits, Nate was excited to tell me that the Explorer preview event had just been scheduled and that would be the best time to get the freshest information. First and foremost, Nate never treated me as if I should be looking at a "cheaper" car. We discussed the essential and the desirable options that Matt wanted in his car. Nate was also aware of our purchase timeframe but that did not change the way he treated us, which was unlike every other dealer who tried to show us another vehicle that was in stock so we could drive it home sooner. We attended the Explorer preview event, and, very shortly after that, I decided that this would be the vehicle that I wanted to own. We built the vehicle with Nate and put a deposit down in late December. Over the next several months Nate worked with us in every possible way, despite some unforeseen obstacles, to get us the absolute best deal on the Explorer. We had originally intended to purchase the vehicle using X-Plan, but due to circumstances beyond our control, were unable to do so. When we lost the ability to purchase under X-Plan, your dealership had every excuse to run the price of the Explorer up, but you chose not to do that. Everyone worked with us to ensure that we would still be able to purchase the Explorer at the absolute best price. Nate took each of my calls and handled all of my questions and concerns quickly, professionally, but more importantly, with a friendly attitude. He was pleasant to deal with, we laughed with him and we were never a bother to him. Nate called to let us know that the Explorer was ready to be picked up, and I talked with Nate throughout the day about financing and where we would like our payment to be at. When we walked through the doors, Nate introduced us to Jeff Boese who would walk us through the financing. Jeff had the financing all worked out before we showed up and the monthly payment was $1.00 over where I had asked the payment to be! Between Jeff and Nate, we finalized the deal, signed the papers, but, above all, we had some laughs and a great time the entire time we were there. Nate then spent the next hour explaining and showing the MyFord Touch and the SYNC system to us in full detail. Your dealership is, hands-down, the most service-oriented, professional and sincere dealership that we have ever dealt with! It is refreshing to know that there are still places that go out of their way to ensure their customers are not just taken care of, but taken care of extremely well. The difference in how we were treated at your dealership versus every other dealership is beyond words and it is because of this difference that we will tell everyone where we purchased our Explorer and why we will be back when it is time for our next truck. Thank you for our entire experience of buying at Sill-TerHar Ford. The only disappointing piece is we will not need another truck for a few years, and we only hope that Nate is still part of your team so that we can purchase from him again."

- Matt B.

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